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Your Romford, your say: help us to refresh the Romford Town Centre Masterplan

Updated: Apr 16

After a pause, Havering Council now wants to restart the conversation with the community about refreshing the Masterplan and adopting it as a piece of formal planning guidance.

Between 8 April and 3 May we are inviting feedback on the refreshed Masterplan - this can be done in person or online.

What happened in 2019?

From January to September 2019 Havering Council asked residents and businesses for their thoughts on how to improve Romford Town Centre and surrounding area. This feedback helped to shape a final draft Masterplan for the Town Centre. 


This work was put on hold during the pandemic so we could focus on the more immediate challenges for our communities. 

Following this there has been a change in administration for Havering Council (May 2022), including newly elected members, meaning that many different pieces of ongoing work were reviewed, including the Romford Town Centre Masterplan.

Following this review a decision has been made to go ahead with the necessary steps, including public consultation, before the formal consultation process starts to finalise the Masterplan for Romford that will allow us to protect and strengthen our town centre.

What is happening now?

The main ideas of the Masterplan remain the same but we want to talk to our communities about refreshing parts of the Masterplan and adopting it as a piece of formal planning guidance.


How can residents get involved?

Come and find us at one of our pop ups:


Friday 12 April, 12pm to 4pm

Romford Market


Saturday 20 April, 9am to 6pm

The Liberty Shopping Centre


Saturday 27 April, 11am to 3pm

South Street


Wednesday 1 May, 12pm to 4pm

South Street


Residents can also have their say online here from the 8 April to 3 May.


Councillor Ray Morgan, Leader of the Council, said:


“This is the right time to refresh the Romford Masterplan to help us protect and strengthen Romford Town Centre, including the Market, and the surrounding area for future generations. I encourage residents to get involved and have their say, to help us shape it to be a place that people want to live in, to visit and to do business.”


This feedback will help to shape a new Romford Masterplan – which in turn will guide future development in the town centre. 

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