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Havering Council is committed to protecting and strengthening Romford Town Centre and the surrounding area, to make sure it continues to be a place that people live, visit and enjoy. To do that, we want to hear your priorities, ideas and aspirations for Romford. 

From January to September 2019 we held pop-ups, workshops and exhibitions to allow you to   get involved in the conversation. Your feedback will help shape a new Masterplan for Romford, which will guide future development in the town.   To read the outcome of  the consultation, please find the report document 



A Masterplan is a long-term planning document that outlines a vision to guid e growth and development of an area.  It isn't a detailed design or planning application, but is: 


  • a document that sets out how a particular area should develop and  in  the future

  • a high-level plan that sets out objectives and strategies to manage development and change over time 

  • a process that defines what is important about a place and how its character and quality can be protected and improved.

If you have any more questions about Your Romford, please get in touch :

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