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Romford Town Centre Masterplan

Havering Council is committed to protecting and strengthening Romford Town Centre and the surrounding area, to make sure it continues to be a place that people live, visit and enjoy.

We listened to your priorities, ideas and aspirations for Romford in 2019 to produce a Masterplan for the Town Centre. After a pause, we now want to get your feedback on a refreshed Masterplan so that we can adopt it as formal planning guidance.

The survey is now closed and we are in the process of analysing the feedback.

What is the Masterplan?

This Masterplan will be a planning policy document that the Council would use to influence and shape future development proposals from private landowners within Romford. 95% of the land within the ring road is not owned by the Council but we want to use the Masterplan as a tool to improve the quality of development brought forward by others.

How will it be paid for?

Private landowners proposing developments must make financial contributions to wider public realm improvements. This Masterplan will make sure that there is joined-up thinking on what those improvements are.

What’s new in the Masterplan?

The main ideas of the Masterplan remain the same but we want to talk to our communities about refreshing parts of the Masterplan and adopting it as a piece of formal planning guidance.

Vision and priorities

Building on its unique character and history, Romford will be a mixed, vibrant and distinct regional Town Centre. It will consist of a refined retail offer complemented by a rejuvenated market, with a focus on local goods and services, maintaining its role as a major leisure destination, with an enlarged employment offer, an early evening food and beverage offer and new residential community supported by additional health and school facilities.

Long term strategic vision and key moves

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Small Romford Map with street names JS edit.jpg

Delivering distinctiveness

The Masterplan includes 5 key projects that respond to calls to create a distinctive Town Centre.

River Rom - Creating pleasant spaces along the Rom that encourage people to stop, sit, and enjoy. The Rom can also become part of a wider cycling and walking network through and across the town centre
Romford Market - Enhancing Market Place accommodating a rejuvinated market within a consolidated and focussed area, defined by new seating set within a strengthened grouping of trees, and an events space designed to accommodate differing activities throughout the year
Social Spaces - The Masterplan will create new public spaces within the town centre to create attractive places to sit and enjoy the town centre, and will give a facelift to existing spaces, such as along South Street, to encourage outside activity and interaction
Station - Creating a new entrance on Exchange Street to link the west of the town centre and relieve pressure on the existing entrance
5 - Angel Way.png

The masterplan also responds to community feedback around these key themes:

See the full set of information here:

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