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Read the Masterplan Engagement Report

On Wednesday 4th December the Romford Masterplan Engagement Report was presented as part of the agenda at the Towns & Communities Overview & Scrutiny Sub-Committee

This report, produced by make:good, describes the engagement approach taken from January to September 2019 and presents the results gathered from exhibitions, events, meetings and online feedback. 

For more information and to read the full report which was on the agenda please click here

There are still a couple of stages left before the Masterplan becomes a Supplementary Planning Document, which will be undertaken in the coming months:

  • Formal consultation on Masterplan: The Council’s Planning team will then carry out a formal consultation on the draft document in the coming months. You will have the opportunity to review the full document and submit a response. The Council will then prepare a summary of these comments and how they have responded.

  • Adoption of Masterplan: Once approved by the Havering Cabinet, the Masterplan will become a piece of formal planning guidance.

If you have any questions, get in touch using this contact form.

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